Chilli growing contest at work

Several months ago we decided to have a departmental chilli growing contest.  One department suddenly got an aphid infestation no amount of spray could sort out.  Today, by post, a package arrived with 25 live ladybirds that have now been deployed!  Just another day in the office…


So…  I’ve not posted anything in a while, so I thought I’d do a quick update.

I went racing at Datona go karting track with Yvonne, it was our anniversary and we decided to do something different.  Everything was going OK, but I span out on one lap and from then on it seemed harder to control.  I ended up crashing pretty hard into the tyre wall and instead of bouncing into it, I ended up going through and under it..  I fractured my knuckle and damaged some ribs.  Luckily though I captured it all on my Go-Pro 😀  You can watch it here.

Sadly our Chameleon Claude passed away on the 23rd of June.  He had a bone infection and was in pain, we took him to the vets to get antibiotics and pain relief, but a few hours later he was unable to even stand.  Seems like it was a bad reaction to the injections.  We took him to the vets the next morning and had to make the tough choice.  He’ll be missed, he was a character and very pretty.

That about wraps it up I think.  Until next time.

Yes, my Grandad invented the ‘Rubik cube’

My Grandad was an inventor, and one of his best inventions (if he’d marketed it, and got the patent in a reasonable time) was a spherical version of the Rubik’s cube.  He invented it and applied for his patent two years before Rubik!  The game itself was not the same, but the principle behind moving parts was essentially the same thing.

I don’t go running around telling everyone I meet about this, but when I do mention it, nobody tends to believe me until I tell them to go look it up..  Here’s a copy of his patent: GB1344259 – Amusement Device – Spherical 3x3x3

The other invention that I remember the most as a kid was GB2134687A – Display Apparatus – “The Box”.  This was a small wooden box that would plug into audio equipment.  It had a diamond shape set of LED’s that would show the phase of stereo sound.  Mono would just show up as a vertical line right through the middle.  One of the benefits of this device was there were no moving parts, so it was much quicker to respond than a volume unit meter with a needle which was the norm back then.

Granada Studios bought some from him for use on Coronation Street back in the 80’s.  ‘The Point’ in Milton Keynes wanted a huge one that would fill a wall as it’s a very mesmerising light show, but backed out when found out how expensive it would be.

I’m really pleased to see that someone has developed a software version of this invention.  Not only that, but they took the time to research a little about my Grandad.  You can see Chris Allinson’s work here.  Chris, if you see this, I’d love for you to get in touch with me!